Weekly Shipping Status

Orders are scheduled if weather permits. Areas with temperatures above 90-95° may be put on hold until shipping conditions are suitable.

Our Live Arrival guarantee is only valid with overnight shipping.


If your local temperatures are above 90° or below 25° on the arrival date, we will send an email about how to pick up the package from a local FedEx facility near you. “Hold for pick ups” are still covered by our live arrival guarantee. See our terms of service for more details.

If your order has been delayed due to weather, we will always include a freebie sling when it can be shipped.
**We reserve the right to hold shipments until temperatures/conditions are safe.
**Live animal shipments are only scheduled as weather permits. (Temperatures above 25 and below 90)
**Extreme temperatures can be fatal for invertebrates during shipping. We have these precautions in place for the safety and well being of our animals, which is our upmost concern.