Terms of Service


Mobile (Feel free to call or text anytime, day or night)





***Minimum order of $30 before shipping charges are applied***

FedEx shipping

FedEx has raised their rates for 2017. Our overnight shipping rate is now $45.

$45 for overnight w/Live Arrival Guarantee (temperatures above 25 and below 90 degrees). If temperatures are below 32 degrees we will require a hold for pick up.

$25 for one-three day. No live arrival guarantee.

We ship Monday-Wednesday (and Thursday if a holiday falls on Monday-Wednesday)

We have a daily limit of 10 boxes that we can ship. We have this limit in place to ensure every box gets the quality of packaging customers have come to expect from JR’s Invertebrates. You purchase overnight shipping for the safety of the spiders, not to receive your package faster/immediately. It may take up to a week to process and ship orders.

PayPal emails all of our customers with your tracking information once the package has been shipped.  If you need your order to arrive on a specific day/date, please use our contact information listed above so we can get your box scheduled to meet your needs. Otherwise, your package will be shipped as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to hold shipments until temperatures/conditions are safe (Unsafe temperatures/weather conditions or spiders that are in pre-molt).

All orders will receive heat packs (as needed) and PolyPro industrial insulation at no extra charge.

Live arrival guarantee is on all of our express overnight shipments. LAG is only valid when temps are between 25-90°. If your temperatures are below 32 degrees, we may require the box to be held at a FedEx facility for pick-up. In this case we will contact you with a scheduled date for you to pick-up the package.

We are NOT responsible for carrier delays/accidents resulting in a DOA, but we will offer store credit for the amount of your order that has been lost or damaged, replacement shipping costs apply. Unfortunately packages are out of our hands when they enter the shipping process. Many variables and conditions throughout shipping can be hazardous for your package.

In the event of a DOA we will refund the cost of the animal or replace the animal if our packaging fails during shipping. We do not refund orders/accept returns unless a DOA is a result of the following (spiders that are not securely wrapped in paper towel and are touching the plastic vial/container, heat pack failure or spiders that have molted/been shipped in pre-molt). Picture evidence will be required.

Canceled orders will receive store credit, no refunds once your order has been placed.

We require clear picture evidence within 2 hours from the arrival time posted by the FedEx Tracking system online and one hour after a pick up has been made at FedEx.  The DOA will need to be cut in half for the photo. We hate to ask, but its the only effective way of dealing with scammers.

In some cases (very rarely), we may require the DOA to be sent back to me for a refund or replacement. Returns are shipped back at our expense.

We accept PayPal as our preferred method of payment.

We also accept US Postal money orders, wire transfers and personal checks.

All eChecks, checks and money orders have to post to our account before we can ship.

Please make sure your correct address is on PayPal or it will void your LAG.  We are NOT responsible for boxes arriving at the wrong address.

We are required by PayPal to ship to the address listed for each order so we are eligible for their Seller Protection. Please make all address changes in your account settings on PayPal before your order has been placed.

USA sales only please


Payment Plans: We offer payment plans on orders that are in value of $100 or more. We require a down payment of 20% and the remaining balance has to be paid by two weeks from the down payment date. For Larger orders in value of $500 or more we will extend the two week deadline, but we require a payment weekly towards the balance of your order. We will take all items sold on payment plans off of the for sale list so they are held for you. All deposits/down payments made will be forfeited if the total amount has not paid by the deadline or consecutive weekly payments are missed and items will be returned back to our list. Use the contact information listed above if you’re interested in a payment plan for your order.


By ordering from us you acknowledge you are 18 or older and agree to our terms of service and hold JR’s Invertebrates and its employees NOT LIABLE for any injury or condition related to a tarantula bite, urticating hair, or scorpion sting. It is your responsibility to research your new pets needs and the safety precautions that are necessary when interacting with it. Customers are also required to research and understand the state laws in your area. By ordering from us you assume all responsibility and hold JR’s Invertebrates and its employees NOT LIABLE for possessing, owning or receiving any invertebrates.