Have tarantulas for sale?

We are always interested in buying/trading for bulk sling lots from breeders. We also purchase/trade for personal collections from customers interested in selling their tarantulas and scorpions.

Feel free to contact me at jrsinvertebrates@gmail.com with your availability.

Terms for trading and selling your invertebrates to us:

By entering a trade or sale to JR’s Invertebrates we are required that your package be delivered to us by FedEx overnight with a live arrival guarantee and terms of your service provided, no exceptions.

Unfortunately we cannot pre-pay for any stock provided by first time sellers to JR’s invertebrates, but we will cover shipping fees. Once we have received our items we will make a prompt payment immediately in any form of payment you prefer. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have had too many issues with scammers. Once a sound business relationship has been established between you and JR’s Invertebrates we always pay up front and offer higher wholesale rates compared to most other dealers. We value your efforts of captive breeding and what you have produced, so ask around and let us know. We will pay the most for your stock!

We gladly except trades, but we require that you ship to us first for inspection of correct stock and gender of that stock if its been offered as a sexed individual. Once we have received your package and everything is in order, we will ship our end of the trade promptly via the same service and carrier.